Theme & Sessions

Sustainability is the keyword for balanced and inclusive growth in the international tea market. The term encompasses several aspects such as sustainable agricultural practices, environmental sustainability, employee welfare, community livelihood, workplace safety and product safety. India, as a significant player in the tea market, is quickly aligning itself to meet these requirements. Apart from focusing on these issues, the convention will bring together industry experts who will meet, analyse and develop strategies aimed at widening the horizons for the industry. Tea enthusiasts from across the world will also be treated to a wide variety of exotic teas.

IITC 2016 intends to be a comprehensive conference for the tea fraternity. Nearly 500 delegates - both international and domestic - are expected to participate. The highlight of IITC is the much- anticipated Business Session, which will be held on 23 and 24 September, 2016 and will feature presentations by internationally renowned speakers and tea professionals on.

  • Key Markets-Global Trends
  • Domestic Market-Indian Initiatives
  • Sustainability Issues-Emerging Dimensions
  • New Frontiers in Tea Marketing